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    Eternity Clan Rules

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    Eternity Clan Rules Empty Eternity Clan Rules

    Post  Jan on Tue Aug 07, 2012 9:24 pm

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    Eternity's ranks are devided into:

    Visitor - level 0 - can't !setlevel
    Friend of server -level 30 - can't !setlevel
    Ex-Member -level 60 - can't !setlevel
    Member -level 100 - colorcode ^7 - level in other T|E Servers 100 - can't !setlevel
    Senior Member -level 150 - colorcode ^7 - level in other T|E Servers 100 - can't !setlevel
    Junior Admin - level 210 - colorcode ^a - level in other T|E Servers 100 - can't !setlevel
    Senior Admin - level 250 - colorcode ^l - level in other T|E Servers 100 - can't !setlevel
    Server Co-Supporter - level 350 - colorcode ^d - level in other T|E Servers 100 - can't !setlevel
    Server Supporter - level 400 - colorcode ^4- level in other T|E Servers 100 - can't !setlevel
    Server Junior Owner - level 425 - colorcode ^= - level in other T|E Servers 250 - can't !setlevel
    Server Supporter+ - level 475 - colorcode ^8 - level in other T|E Servers 250 - can !set 210
    Server Co-Leader - level 600 - colorcode ^b - level in other T|E Servers 350 - can !set 400
    Server Leader - level 675 - colorcode ^5 - level in other T|E Servers 475 - can !set 475
    Staff Designer - level 700 - colorcode ^2 - level in other T|E Servers 700 - can !set 600
    Server Owner - level 850 - colorcode ^3 - level in other T|E Servers 799 - can !set 675
    Clan General Owner - level 900 - colorcode ^1 - level in other T|E Servers 900 - can !set 710
    Clan Junior Admin - level 910 - colorcode ^6 - level in other T|E Servers 910 - can !set 710
    Clan Senior Admin - level 940 - colorcode ^e - level in other T|E Servers 940 - can !set 710
    Clan Leader - level 950 - colorcode ^1 - level in other T|E Servers 950 - can !set 950
    Clan Founder - level 999 - colorcode ^1 - level in other T|E Servers 999 - can !set 999
    In total 17 ranks.

    These ranks are devided into three admin sections:
    Level 100's to 150's are "Members"
    Level 210 to 675's are "Admins"
    Level 700 to 999 are "High Admins".


    The most important!
    Always present politeness and kindness is Eternity's first and most important rule.
    Those who cannot follow this requirement shall not even consider a membership at Eternity.
    Decisions at Eternity
    EternityClan is meant to run democratically which means the voice of the majority decides;
    high admins' decisions might be public and discussed.
    Cheating is not permitted!
    Whenever you are caught cheating you will be banned permanently and removed from clan
    - there wont be a way back into clan!
    You are considered cheating if you use aimbots, wallhacks or any other third-person-software
    which is not officially part of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.
    Swearing and insulting
    Swearing and insulting in forums and servers is a tricky case.
    Of course swearing is allowed as long as it doesn't hit another person which is considered insulting.
    Unlike swearing we do not allow insults. For insulting you might get warned/muted if not kicked and reported.

    Notice: There is a tiny difference between insulting and "insulting":
    If you "insult" someone....and you BOTH!!! know it is right out of fun it is okay...
    as soon as you directly offend someone it is against our rules.
    Spoken languages on forums and in servers
    On servers you may talk in every language you like; on forums we prefere english
    - whenever you want to talk your native language please use the chatrooms.
    No punishment without proof!
    This means you ALWAYS HAVE TO HAVE PROOFS if you punish someone,
    no matter what it was about: cheating, insulting, killing at TJ,...
    If you punish without proof and it is reported the punished player will be spoken innocent.
    Recruiting/Advertising other servers/clans is not liked to be seen here - thus who do so are to be banned from the server.
    T|E Tags and colors
    As T|E Member you should wear your T|E Tags - rather logical, no?
    The T|E Tag has to be T|E YOURNAME while the T|E has to be coloured as your rank is in clan.
    Your nickname may include any color you wish.
    The | have to be black.
    Abuse of adminlevel might cause a demotion.
    Promotions are a kind of reward for good behaviour and helpfulness
    - don't ask for level, we do not permit levelhunting here.
    So-called "Fakers" and "Imposters" are not welcome in T|E.
    If you are caught faking you are immediatly kicked from clan.
    Leaving/rejoining EternityClan
    If you want to leave T|E for no-matter-what-reason it's absolutelly okay
    but you got to post a topic at forums that you want to leave.
    After submitting your leaving topic you stay member for one more day
    - then, you will be setted ex-member.
    A rejoin is possible 7 days after you posted your leaving topic.
    If you rejoin your old level will be gone and you will have to start up from level 100 again.
    Only exception: if you were donator before you left and you want to donate again admins will decide what will happen.
    Scrimteam/Fireteam advertisement
    It is disallowed to advertise or hint-at getting new members to join your scrimteam in their joining topic.
    They will join out of their free-will, or maybe not join at all as it isn't compulsory to be part of a scrim/fireteam.
    Special rules for the different genres of ET
    Of course we do not allow walljumping.
    Furthermore trickplanting is not permitted.
    And people... Pushing teammates is lame.
    If Admin/Member will be 3 days inactive and he/she dont let us know about, we will warn him/her about demotion
    After 1 day from the warn only founders can demote him!
    Thank you

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